Certificate Employer Partner

The main cutting edge of organizations on today’s market is quality human capital management, manifested through an employer-employee partnership relationship and the ability of employers to impose themselves as employers of choice to best employees.

The Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to those organizations that, regardless of their size and publicity, comply with the Human Resource Management quality standards. The Certificate also allows employers to show how successful they are and to substantiate their appeal to best employees in a relevant way.

Project Mission

The Employer Partner Certificate project was initiated by SELECTIO, with the support of their partners. The project’s mission is to:

  • raise larger public awareness of the HRM importance;
  • promote the importance of quality HRM in business and other organizations, and concurrently reward the best among them;
  • promote HRM departments/function;
  • upgrade HRM processes and increase HRM standards;

and can be thus used as a tool for evaluation, design and implementation of Human Resource Management processes.


  • Here at BAT, we believe people and their talents are key to our success, which is why we are focused on their development and creation of an innovative and challenging work environment. Getting the Employer Partner certificate for all seven markets in...
    Antal Bekefi
    Antal Bekefi
    General Manager, BAT Adria
  • The Certificate Employer Partner is very important to us as a confirmation of high-quality human resources management practices. Our growth and development is thanks to our values being rooted in our company's culture and to us sharing these values and...
    Anita Cvetić Oreščanin
    Anita Cvetić Oreščanin
    Board Member, Poslovna inteligencija
  • We care about people perceiving us as a stable employer that allows you to arrange your schedule the way you want, to educate yourself and to progress. McDonald's is a place where a career can be made and where there are a lot of opportunities for advancement,...
    Mario Jušić
    Mario Jušić
    Head of the Human Resources Department, McDonald's Hrvatska
  • We are proud of the recognition of excellence in HPB human resource management processes. Certainly, our goal is to further improve our HR processes, given the importance and complexity of human potential management in the highly dynamic and all the more...
    Ana Đidara
    Ana Đidara
    HR Director, Hrvatska poštanska banka



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