Number of employees: 521

Average age of employees: 39

Gender ratio of employees: 56% F and 44% M

Industry: Oil and gas

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Tifon operates at 46 points of sale throughout Croatia and is, according to the number of points of sale, among the five largest oil companies in Croatia. The company is extremely proud of the strength of the brand in the regions in which they operate, where they are in the high second or third place. People are at the forefront of their corporate values, and they were recently awarded the Employer Partner certificate.

At Tifon, as well as the entire MOL Group, we do different jobs in many different places, but together we share four core values. These values ​​are equally important at our points of sale, in the Zabok warehouse, as well as in the offices. Values ​​are the guiding principles that show us how to make the right decisions, they support us in our daily work and help us create the corporate culture we strive for. At Tifon, we all promote the following corporate values ​​together:

  • People - people come first. Our colleagues form the foundation on which our business is built.
  • Customers - all for the customer and for the customer everything. Customer service is not a department - it is woven into the DNA of our brand.
  • Responsibility - our company, our responsibility. We empower and inspire each other. This is what makes MOL Group dynamic and future-oriented.
  • Adaptability - we lead the changes that will shape our future. We try to adapt to each new situation, do things better and thus be an example to others.

The benefits we offer to our employees can be divided into the category of monetary and non-monetary benefits. In addition to the basic salary, the worker is entitled to additional payments during the year:

  • paid transportation costs
  • payment of gifts in kind
  • Christmas bonus, jubilee award
  • compensation for past experience
  • compensation for childbirth
  • compensation for death of immediate family member and
  • financial assistance for natural disasters or difficult social circumstances.

In addition, we provide all employees with:

  • various discounts related to the gastronomic offer at our Fresh Corners and Marche restaurants discounts related to cultural events, travel and the like
  • office employees are provided with flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, coffee, tea and fruit. We are a dog friendly environment
  • during the year, we organize various activities for mental and physical health of all employees (Terry Fox Run, B2run, Health Day, Sports Day)
  • we organize Children's Joy Day for the children of our employees and provide a day off for first-graders' parents.

All employees are provided with education and development. In addition to the organization of internal and external training, individual coaching and mentoring, employees have access to various sources of additional knowledge:

  • an internal eSMILE platform is available to all employees, where employees can access various educational programs
  • a large number of current business book titles in the internal library are also available to employees.

At Tifon, we pay special attention to communication. Two-way communication is one of the principles of corporate culture in Tifon. In order for our employees to have the opportunity to share their opinion, we regularly organize so-called Townhall meetings, Coffee corners, regular departmental and interdepartmental meetings. Employees can give their feedback to their superiors during both annual and semi-annual interviews.
We also organize informal gatherings and celebrations for employees, such as Women's Day celebrations, masquerades, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and other events. Informal online gatherings were also organized for employees during the pandemic, which replaced informal live gatherings.

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SELECTIO Group is the leading group specialized in executive search and strategic human resources consulting in Croatia. Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, capacity to deliver and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business. We operate as one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • our consultants’ professional experience – experience gained in diverse business surroundings and on different positions is crucial for understanding our clients’ needs and assessing the candidates
  • our consultants’ expert knowledge – different education backgrounds gained both in Croatia and abroad are an additional value of our team
  • quality network of contacts in various industries and regions
  • systematic and targeted job market research – introducing the specific phenomena of Croatian labour market to the client and advising on the most appropriate positioning on it. We are an experienced partner for companies that start conducting their business in Croatian market.
  • creative application of various new technologies and recent specialized tools in everyday work.


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