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As a leading company in the field of analytical systems implementation and strategic ICT consulting in South Eastern Europe, Poslovna inteligencija is specialized in the implementation of intelligent information systems for decision support and they provide implementation services for data warehousing, big data analytics, data integration, business intelligence, data mining, planning and budgeting, financial consolidation, business results management, risk management, and master data management.
Poslovna inteligencija's experience in business processes is refers to medium and large companies within different business areas such as telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, insurance, distribution, retail and government institutions.

MISSION:  We give our clients the best possible service in the area of strategic consulting and implementation of intelligent information systems for supporting business decision-making  and by doing that, we help them in creating new values and recognizing business opportunities.

VISION: We want to be regional market leaders in middle Europe in implementation of analytic information systems and systems for data integration. The solutions we offer, recommend and implement are without a doubt the most quality solutions on the market for our clients, and the are based on leading technologies and methodologies, and on our knowledge and experience.



The company has a long-term strategy of development for all employees, through a number of programs, with the goal of ensuring competent experts:

  • Competency matrix for each job position
  • BIRD Academy
  • Mentoring process
  • Development center
  • Leadership academy
  • Soft skills trainings

The company also provides its employees with the opportunity to attend various seminars and conferences (in and outside of Europe), and in 2019, each employee participated in over 100 hours of training on average.

Poslovna inteligencija offers a number of financial and non-financial benefits to its employees, some of which are:

Financial benefits

  • Christmas bonus
  • Long tenure rewards
  • Gift for child
  • Holiday bonus
  • Reward programs besides bonus schemes and variable pay
  • Retirement bonus
  • Discounts on financial services

Non-financial benefits

  • Annual general health check-ups (above the legal minimum)
  • Additional days off / vacation days (above the legal minimum)
  • Cell phone for private matters
  • Paid leave (for example, for education)
  • Discounted bank loans
  • Multisport card
  • Support when moving 
  • Psychological counseling
  • Team budgets for teambuilding activities
  • Sick leave up to 10 days 100% paid
  • Massages and Mindfulness workshops for employees

Poslovna inteligencija encourages internal communication on all levels and through a multitude of channels:

Internal communication

  • Orientation program for new employees
  • Regular management and work teams meetings
  • Internal newsletter and social media / collaborative platforms
  • Video conferences
  • Brochures and posters about the organization and its products
  • Surveys and annual interviews / interviews about work performance
  • Feedback 360
  • Strategy day when the Board communicates results and plans for the next year
  • Regular gatherings of employees and team building activities
  • Regular (annual) organization climate research
  • Actively encouraging the employees to give their suggestions for improving the processes


Caring for employees, health promoting measures and measures for achieving the balance of private and business life

  • General medical exams provided for the employees
  • Flexible working hours (arriving to work between 8 and 10 am)
  • The possibility of working from home, the possibility of leaving work early and making up those hours or days later
  • The average number of days off per employee is 24, with the possibility of getting extra days off when putting in extra effort at work
  • The employees have the opportunity of healthy breakfast at work, and fresh fruit is available to everyone
  • The company subsidies sports activities – Multisport card, paid time slots for soccer and basketball trainings at Velesajam, paid start and team shirts for competing in races such as B2B run, Wings for life, and similar.
  • In the company offices, table tennis school is organized 2 times a week and Mindfulness workshops once a week
  • The company is a holder of the advanced MAMFORCE certificate and DADFORCE certificate
  • holder of "Run Friendly Company" certificate


Including employees in socially responsible business

  • The company sponsors student associations
  • The employees participate in donating school equipment for children with lower social status
  • The employees participate in workshops for gifted children organized by DAR association

Most sought-after profiles: 

Poslovna inteligencija is a consulting company and employees often communicate with clients. That is why the ideal candidates have a combination of technical knowledge, knowledge of industry and social skills. Highly educated candidates from the technical and economic faculties who are interested in continuous learning are hired. Additionally, developers are hired in departments that develop their own applications.


The selection process:

After reviewing the received applications, candidates who meet the requirements are sent an online test of cognitive abilities and a personality questionnaire, as well as a technical test of knowledge of the specific area for which they applied.

The candidates who go on to the next round are invited to an interview where their previous experience, education, professional knowledge, motivation and personality traits are checked. Is is examined whether the candidate's values are consistent with the company's values and how much the person would fit in with the existing team.

The selection process takes about a month and usually includes up to 2 rounds of interviews, where the efficiency of the selection process itself is always taken into account.

Annually, Poslovna inteligencija hires about 20 new employees.

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SELECTIO Group is the leading group specialized in executive search and strategic human resources consulting in Croatia. Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, capacity to deliver and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business. We operate as one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • our consultants’ professional experience – experience gained in diverse business surroundings and on different positions is crucial for understanding our clients’ needs and assessing the candidates
  • our consultants’ expert knowledge – different education backgrounds gained both in Croatia and abroad are an additional value of our team
  • quality network of contacts in various industries and regions
  • systematic and targeted job market research – introducing the specific phenomena of Croatian labour market to the client and advising on the most appropriate positioning on it. We are an experienced partner for companies that start conducting their business in Croatian market.
  • creative application of various new technologies and recent specialized tools in everyday work.


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