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Major Internacional Ltd., which manages Luckia Casinos, is a part of the Spanish Luckia Gaming Group, which began its work in the early seventies and has become one of the leading games of chance companies in Spain in just three decades. They have been operating on the Croatian market since 2007 and currently have three casinos in three cities - Zagreb, Osijek and Pula, and two slot clubs in Slavonski Brod and Čakovec.

The company strongly cares about its employees and strives to provide each employee with the opportunity to develop their career in line with their capacities and expectations, and based on their own efforts and work dedication.


MISSION: Provide our clients with an unforgettable entertainment experience which enables a sustainable growth of the company and facilitates the development of its team.

VISION: To be a referent organization in the national and international entertainment sector.

VALUES: Integrity, Customer focus, Results orientation, Teamwork, Creativity and innovation, Passion for learning and sharing.

The company provides a wide range of education programs to its employees, which include:

  • internal seminars and workshops
  • expert educations for improving job relevant knowledge / skills
  • educations for managers about quality management of business and of human resources
  • graduate study
  • Spanish and English language courses
  • foreign exchange programs

Financial benefits

  • Long tenure rewards
  • Gifts for children
  • Financial support (in case of death or serious illness of an employee and / or their close family member, scholarships for children of deceased employees)
  • Reward programs besides bonus schemes and variable pay
  • Christmas bonus
  • Subsidies for transport
  • Discounts on financial services

Non-financial benefits

  • Paid leave (e.g. for additional education)
  • Discounted bank loans
  • Small incentives (cinema tickets, gift cards, birthday gifts etc.)
  • Company products
  • Employee discounts
  • Discounts for partner services
  • Relocation support

Internal communication

The company practises regular meetings of work teams and management, and all employees are informed in the right way and at the right time about all the changes and news within the company. The employees' workspace is branded, and all work areas are designed according to the book of standards and look equal. Employee satisfaction with internal communication is regularly measured and a wide range of communication channels is generally used in the company: notice boards, emails, employee meetings, internal websites, surveys, team building activities, annual interviews and so on.

Employees care, health promoting measures and measures for achieving the balance of private and business life

The organization monitors employee health indicators in terms of sickness absence rates and, with the aim of promoting health at the workplace, signs stating the harmfulness of smoking were placed in clearly visible places in the company's premises.

The employee team participated in the B2B race in 2017, which was yet another way for the company to emphasize the importance of healthy living.

Each teambuilding activity is held in nature and includes a variety of physical activities for the staff.

At the Group level, phased retirement is supported and the company tries to provide employees with flexible work arrangements as another way to contribute to the balance of their private and business life.

Most sought-after profiles:

The company is primarily open to young people who are looking for a job after finishing their education. The goal is to provide them with an opportunity for development in an organized multinational company and to motivate them to contribute to Luckia's growth with their work.

Recruitment channels

The company uses various recruitment channels, depending on the target group – MojPosao website, the official LinkedIn page, radio and printed channel advertising (e.g. local newspaper).

A career page was also created, which encourages submitting open applications and which creates a resume database and is used for publishing open job vacancies. The organization also participates in virtual career days which they use to attract job candidates.

Selection process:

After the job ad is published by the Human Resource Manager, all resumes are reviewed. After application review, 3 selection steps ensue. The first round of interviews is conducted independently by Human Resources Manager who then selects the candidates for the second round of interviews. The hiring manager participates in the second round of interviews, along with the Human Resource Manager.

After that interview, the Human Resources Manager and the hiring manager select a smaller circle of  candidates who proceed to the third, final round of interviews, conducted by the Director of the company, after which a final decision about employment is made.

The selection process takes 3 weeks on average, and all candidates are notified about its outcome.

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SELECTIO Group is the leading group specialized in executive search and strategic human resources consulting in Croatia. Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, capacity to deliver and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business. We operate as one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • our consultants’ professional experience – experience gained in diverse business surroundings and on different positions is crucial for understanding our clients’ needs and assessing the candidates
  • our consultants’ expert knowledge – different education backgrounds gained both in Croatia and abroad are an additional value of our team
  • quality network of contacts in various industries and regions
  • systematic and targeted job market research – introducing the specific phenomena of Croatian labour market to the client and advising on the most appropriate positioning on it. We are an experienced partner for companies that start conducting their business in Croatian market.
  • creative application of various new technologies and recent specialized tools in everyday work.


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