HEP Opskrba

HEP Opskrba

Number of employees: 78

Industry: Electricity supply

Total electricity sale in 2017: 7,4 TWh

HEP Opskrba is a part of HEP group founded in 2003. Besides Croatia, it is also present in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and is a leading supplier of electricity. It provides its quality service to over 86,000 customers, and a significant share of their electric energy comes from renewable sources. The competitive advantage of HEP Opskrba is their long-standing experience and professional knowledge, as well as the safety and reliability of electricity supply.


MISSION: To provide customers with a quality and reliable energy supply service.

VISION: To be a leading supplier in the region.

VALUES: Focus on customers, their needs and satisfaction, Reliable and secure partner, Experience and expertise, Ethics and transparency.


  • Long-term trainings, seminars, conferences and congresses
  • Foreign language courses
  • Computer courses
  • Stress management, employee and team management workshops
  • Various internal education (e.g. about communication skills, problem-solving skills, business correspondence...)
  • Mentoring systems for interns
  • Intranet with all relevant educational materials
  • Participating in case study competitions  

Best practices

  • Employee advancement depending on business results. On average, every year 15 employees are promoted.
  • Annual award ceremony for best estimator, for biggest leap forward in work performance, for best performance assessment, for the accomplishment of a business goal that made a breakthrough in business.

Financial benefits

  • Christmas bonus
  • Holiday bonus
  • One-off bonus for birth of a child
  • Gift for child
  • Long-service rewards
  • Financial support (in case of death or serious illness of an employee and / or their close family member, scholarships for children of deceased employees)
  • Credit cards
  • Discounts on financial services
  • Subsidies for transport
  • Redundancy payment above the legal minimum
  • Retirement bonus

Non-financial benefits

  • Additional health insurance
  • Third pension pillar
  • Insurance in case of injury (above the legal minimum)
  • Annual health check-ups (above the legal minimum)
  • Additional days off / vacation days (above the legal minimum)
  • Paid leave for education and training
  • Discounted bank loans
  • Subsidized meals
  • Discounts for employees
  • Discounts for partner services

Internal communication

  • Formal internal meetings on a regular basis
  • Notice boards, internal newsletter and web pages  
  • E-mail, telephone line and video conferences
  • Regular meeting of employees
  • Company brochures, posters, cards and surveys
  • Shared space for collective lunch

Health-promoting measures and measures for achieving the balance of private and business life

  • Ensured additional health insurance
  • General medical examinations every two years
  • Education on exercising at the workplace
  • Flexible working hours
  • Additional off-days for employees that have children
  • Paid leave for important personal needs of employees, like helping their child adjust to kindergarten / first day of school


Engaging employees in socially responsible business

Employees participate in the following initiatives:

  • Voluntary blood donation
  • Vrapče pillows
  • Day of the pink shirts – Violence ends here
  • Down Syndrome Day
  • Planting „100 green trees“

Most sought-after profiles: Sales experts, IT experts and specialists from the field of energetics

Recruitment channels
  • Job ads on websites (company websites and specialized websites for job advertising)
  • Internal database of open applications
  • Employment agencies
  • Participating in career fairs with target study programs that the company needs


The selection process:

  • Posting the job ad
  • Reviewing the received candidate documentation
  • Psychological testing
  • One or two rounds of selection interviews
  • The amount of selection rounds depends on the job description and the advertised job requirements

Contact us!

SELECTIO Group is the leading group specialized in executive search and strategic human resources consulting in Croatia. Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, capacity to deliver and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business. We operate as one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • our consultants’ professional experience – experience gained in diverse business surroundings and on different positions is crucial for understanding our clients’ needs and assessing the candidates
  • our consultants’ expert knowledge – different education backgrounds gained both in Croatia and abroad are an additional value of our team
  • quality network of contacts in various industries and regions
  • systematic and targeted job market research – introducing the specific phenomena of Croatian labour market to the client and advising on the most appropriate positioning on it. We are an experienced partner for companies that start conducting their business in Croatian market.
  • creative application of various new technologies and recent specialized tools in everyday work.


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