The primary purpose of the Employer Partner Certificate project is to recognize and highlight organizations with quality human resources management and to promote and implement standards that improve business results and quality of work.

The Employer Partner project provides the following benefits:

  • Thorough analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Strengthening HR development
  • Strengthening HR funcions
  • Strong marketing promotion and support
  • Employer branding
  • Quantitative measurements of described HRM processes according to well elaborated Employer Partner Certificate methodology
  • Quantitative and gap analysis with other organizations that were involved in certification process (according to last data 42 organizations went through certification)
  • Through eventual recertification process, a structured follow-up of HRM function development over the years
  • According to last data 73 organizations went through certification:
  • 90% of companies that applied met the criteria for EPC
  • 72% companies have been recertified
  • 62% of audited companies are international enterprises
  • In addition to benchmark with all certified organizations, Clients are provided specific benchmark according to size, industry, type of organization etc. providing that defined subgroup has at least five members.
  • Consulting hours in specific area for companies that have scores above 90% and are at least 2 years involved in the project
  • Throughout the year SELECTIO organizes a number of events for its Clients among which are special lectures on HRM subject, a number of gatherings as well as experience transfers
  • The HR function is being promoted and valued within the company through external validation of quality by HR experts and a presentation of the results to the management.
  • Through raising awareness of the management by presenting results in the Final Report, they are engaged in efforts to improve organizational processes.
  • The Certificate winners are published in the most important newspapers and web sites through The Employer Partner advertising campaign, accompanied with a strong marketing support in the media
  • EPC awarded companies are being actively promoted towards candidates through job sites and Linkedin
  • EPC awarded companies are being actively promoted towards business community through on-line and paper issues of business magazines as well as various business conferences and chambers
  • Client gets free of charge advanced profile on The Employer Partner website and infographic about Client’s best HRM practices that can additionally be promoted on Linkedin
  • Along with job advertising, but also in communication with the public, the Certificate winners may publish the “Employer Partner” brand name along with the company name
  • Participation and presentation of Company’s results by The Employer Partner Certificate representatives at events for employees, public, media etc. organized by Company
  • SELECTIO offers suggestions and support on how to use the “Employer Partner” brand in promotional purposes so that the organization can additionally emphasize the quality of its operations and that way, through strengthening the brand, attract quality work force

Promotion of a new Certificate winner towards employees includes:

  • posting news about the winner on the official web site and LinkedIn profile
  • posting news about the winner on MojPosao
  • posting the Employer Partner logo along with job ads on MojPosao
  • infographics about the best practices and posting them on LinkedIn



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