Employers' perception of Employer Partner Certificate

In May 2015 Selectio has conducted research on the perception of Employer Partner brand among employers (N=50).

More than 98% of employers believe that being included in the Employer Partner Certificate project significantly improved their organization's image.

These are the key benefits of participation in the project that Certificate winners pointed out:

  • Employer branding
  • Support in the development of HR processes
  • Structured analysis and benchmark
  • Promotion and recognition of the importance of HR functions
Employers' perception of Employer Partner Certificate

We are pleased that this year we have achieved progress in several areas, as well as in the overall assessment of the quality of the human resources management processes. Although we continuously achieve above-average results, each year we raise the ladder and it is a nice...

feeling when the profession acknowledges and commends these efforts. The areas in which we have made positive strides point to the trends we recognize in the global market and that we are trying to respond to through redesigning and improving our processes. Primarily, those are a different organizational design to create conditions for a different, agile way of working, then educating and developing employees to be prepared to work differently, and revitalization and flexibilization of the performance management system.
Director of Human Resources and Organizational development
Irena Bašić Štefanić
Director of Human Resources and Organizational development, Raiffeisenbank Austria

“We are proud that certification results show that Human Resource Management at INA further improves from year to year, which is the result of dedicated work and motivation of all colleagues within our team.”

Human Resources Director
Vladimira Senčar Perkov
Human Resources Director, INA Grupa

“We are extremely proud of the important role that Fina GS has in society and the fact that we offer more and more work places every day. Moreover, we are trying to provide security and development opportunities for each member of our team, and that is where the real...

strength of the company lies.”
Chairman of the Board
Vedran Sabol
Chairman of the Board, Fina GS

"Caring about people, as our most valuable asset, is built into our HRM system. With this certificate we received confirmation that our processes are almost completely aligned with high standards of quality, which makes us happy and proud and motivates us to become even...

better following best practices." 
Executive Director of Corporate Affairs
Marina Pulišić
Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, JGL

Although we have only been in the Certificate Employer Partner program for six years, we have already achieved enviable percentages in all areas, which just confirms that we are doing our job well. In the coming years, we plan to polish the results to perfection because...

nothing less will satisfy us.
Founder and CEO
Sandra Boljkovac Stojak
Founder and CEO, Ciklopea

We are pleased to confirm excellence in human resource management again this year, as only with quality processes and practices can we meet the expectations of our employees, our company and ultimately the society as a whole. Hrvatski Telekom as the leader of digitalisation...

shapes new generations of experts and has the responsibility to develop and transfer the knowledge and skills of the future. By caring about our employees, introducing innovative career development models and with digital experiences for our own professionals and talents in the labor market, we want to connect people with the best opportunities and create an attractive work environment. Creating prerequisites for an agile way of working and empowering employees to adopt constant changes are our key responsibilities.
Director of HR Business Partnering Department
Iva Lopac Butorac
Director of HR Business Partnering Department, Hrvatski Telekom

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SELECTIO Group is the leading group specialized in executive search and strategic human resources consulting in Croatia. Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, capacity to deliver and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business. We operate as one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • our consultants’ professional experience – experience gained in diverse business surroundings and on different positions is crucial for understanding our clients’ needs and assessing the candidates
  • our consultants’ expert knowledge – different education backgrounds gained both in Croatia and abroad are an additional value of our team
  • quality network of contacts in various industries and regions
  • systematic and targeted job market research – introducing the specific phenomena of Croatian labour market to the client and advising on the most appropriate positioning on it. We are an experienced partner for companies that start conducting their business in Croatian market.
  • creative application of various new technologies and recent specialized tools in everyday work.


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