Employers' perception of Employer Partner Certificate

In May 2015 Selectio has conducted research on the perception of Employer Partner brand among employers (N=50).

More than 98% of employers believe that being included in the Employer Partner Certificate project significantly improved their organization's image.

These are the key benefits of participation in the project that Certificate winners pointed out:

  • Employer branding
  • Support in the development of HR processes
  • Structured analysis and benchmark
  • Promotion and recognition of the importance of HR functions
Employers' perception of Employer Partner Certificate

The Employer Partner certificate represents the successful valorization of our efforts when it comes to human resources, and all that the CFCA cherishes in its core values ​​when it comes to our employees. We are aware that our employees are meritorious for successfully...

contracted and realized valuable financial projects. Their responsibility and approach to business make the CFCA's business success and therefore we strive, within our means, to facilitate their professional engagement and harmonize it with their family life. More than 10 years of systematic work on human resources development at CFCA is behind this achievement. We have shown that even in public services, that have certain norms and rules that the public administration system prescribes, one can work on developmental projects, on digitalization of processes and generally on creating a comfortable working climate. We are extremely proud of our great program of in-house trainings conducted by our experienced experts for their colleagues, as well as of the various human resources projects we have conducted so far. Certainly, one of the most important ones was the digitalization of applications for job openings, which allows candidates to apply online with no extra costs and speeds up the selection process, making us also the first among public services with such a system.
Tomislav Petric
Director, SAFU

We are extremely proud to have received the Employer Partner Certificate for the fifth consecutive year. We are a company that is completely transforming to achieve a bold vision of creating a smoke-free world. In this transformation, our employees play a key role, and with...

their dedication, professionalism, and innovation, they contribute to our success and make Philip Morris Zagreb a great place to work.
predsjednica Uprave
Anita Letica
predsjednica Uprave, Philip Morris Zagreb

We are pleased to introduce new benefits for our employees every year. I am proud of the progress we have made, and all this would not have been possible without the dedicated work of the entire Human Resources team and the support of other departments. It is evident that...

we are investing a lot, but we are aware that there is still work to be done. We are taking one step at a time towards the highest place on the list of desirable employers in Croatia.
HR Director
Dunja Firšt
HR Director , Kaufland Hrvatska

We are proud to be the TOP Employer Partner in Croatia for the third consecutive year. This certificate is proof that we have a great team of people who really do an awesome job. We have successfully introduced innovation in the HRM processes, and we are systematically working...

on the employer branding strategy by which we present our company to existing and future employees. Our HRM practices have been recognized by independent experts as successful, high quality and efficient, which is an incentive for us to continue investing in human resources even more.
President of the Management Board
Marko Njavro
President of the Management Board, Zagrebačka pivovara

Since entering the market, we are led by quality in each business segment, including the human resources domain. By maintaining and raising the work standards in our business, we want to positively influence the development of, primarily, the retail labor market, but also...

the labor market as a whole. We are extremely proud that we provide our employees with a wide range of benefits, but also that we continue expanding it thanks to excellent results through the years.
Head of Human Resources
Nikolina Vlašić
Head of Human Resources, Lidl Hrvatska

SOS Children's Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina is led by a vision of a world where children and young people are protected and enjoy all their rights! We are aware that our employees are the most important element in achieving our vision and that is why in SOS Children's...

Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina we want to create the best place for their professional development and fulfilling career. The fact that we are on the right path is evidenced by the fact that we have been meeting the high standards of the Employer Partner certificate for years.
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development Department
Omar Šehović
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development Department, SOS Dječija sela BiH

Our employees are the holders of PLIVA's success, and because of that, we have been a pharmaceutical leader in Croatia and the region for many years. That is why we are constantly working to ensure a stimulating, challenging and pleasant working environment for all of our...

employees. We pay great attention to well-being at the workplace and through numerous activities, and systematically, we strive to promote health care and adoption of healthy living habits and thus create a culture of health in both business and private life.
President of the Board
Mihael Furjan
President of the Board , PLIVA Hrvatska

In HBOR, we continuously work on all segments of quality human resources management – from the very selection of our employees to their quality specialization according to the needs of specific job positions. We believe that compliance with these standards is a prerequisite...

for the excellence of our Bank. Confirmation of the Employer Partner status is a valuable acknowledgment to HBOR and all our HRM initiatives so far and we will continue working to maintain this status, but also to improve it in the future.
Senior Executive Director
Ivana Mahovlić
Senior Executive Director, Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak

The most important thing for us is that people in the Atlantic feel good because employees are not only a resource but above all investors, who invest their energy, passion, and talent every day so we can all be successful together. Our brands, such as Smoki, Bananica, Grand...

kafe, Cedevita, and Argeta, are regional leaders thanks to our people who invest themselves in their growth and development. Circumstances on the market are changing rapidly, and so our practices need to adapt accordingly, in order for us to provide our employees with what they need and with what motivates them to do their best. So CEP certification, in which all the Atlantic markets were included, is a great opportunity to rethink what we do and raise the ladder of our HR processes year after year.
HR Regional Director for Serbia and Macedonia
Elizabeta Mirčevska
HR Regional Director for Serbia and Macedonia, Atlantic Grupa

We are proud of another recognition for excellence in human resources management. Benefits in the form of educations, development of competencies and the introduction of flexible work arrangements have been introduced due to the need for business development of the company,...

as well as due to the employee requirements. We are aware that we must increasingly go towards an individual approach to benefits, rather than towards a general approach, and we will continue to include employees in creating measures and processes.
Head of Human Resources
Marina Morić
Head of Human Resources , A1 Hrvatska

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