TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2019

TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2019

12. June 2019.

SELECTIO has published the list of TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2019, that is, the list of organizations that, within the Certificate Employer Partner project, achieved the best results during the certification process. In this year's list of the best Employer Partners are:

                                         1. Atlantic Grupa

                                         1. Zagrebačka pivovara

                                         3. Erste banka

                                         3. INA

                                         5. Coca-Cola HBC Hrvatska

                                         5. Hrvatski Telekom

The list of TOP 5 Employer Partners is published every year since 2008, and to enter the TOP 5 list this year, it was necessary to achieve a total result of as much as 97% of points. All TOP 5 organizations see the HR system in their organization as a strategic partner to business, they continuously invest in the development of their employees through quality performance management and education systems and they pay particular attention to their relations with the employees and to ensuring diversity and inclusion in their organizations, thus proving that diversity in their organizations is something more than a series of regulations and initiatives, and something that their employees truly live by and promote.

Read on to find out what the HR function managers of the rewarded employers noted for this occasion:


 „We try to humanize the work environment in Atlantic, from the deformalization of communication to the simplification of the procedures, and we have been particularly dedicated to this during the past year. That is why we make sure our employees are fit, that they participate in sports activities and that they have regular free general medical examinations, but that they are also educated to be financially fit and to manage their assets well.

Mojca Domiter, Corporate Human Resources Executive Director for Atlantic Grupa


"Despite the outstanding results last year, in 2018 we have found a lot of new opportunities to be even better. Being among the TOP 5 Employer Partners truly means a lot to us because it is the most important acknowledgement of the profession and, despite the excellent results so far, it gives us an extra push to be even better each year."

Jadranka Sakoman, HR Director at Zagrebačka pivovara


„When I look back at the year behind us, I can certainly say that I am the proudest of the engagement of our employees with the School of Smart Finances. Through the great engagement of our employees, in just the first few months we have educated more than 2,000 people. Without the selfless engagement of our people this would not be possible and therefore I am really proud of them and the whole Erste Bank which promotes and supports such initiatives.

Maja Crnjak, Head of Human Resources at Erste banka


“Entering the TOP 5 Employer Partners list is a great acknowledgment and a professional confirmation of the quality of our continuous work at the highest standards. Our priority is to build a constructive company culture in which employees feel satisfied and have the opportunity to develop in accordance with their personal and professional interests and potential.”

Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Director of Human Resources at INA


„We pay special attention to improving the position of young people and we are proud of the results of our efforts so far. The TOP 5 Employer Partners acknowledgement is a sign that our high-quality processes within the Human Resources Department are recognized by our partners and the public, which motivates us to continue with our activities and to raise the scale of excellence even higher.”

Nela Bučević, Human Resources Manager BU Adria at Coca-Cola HBC


“Being among the TOP 5 Employer Partners makes us proud, but also obliges us to be even better. We see our role beyond the interest of our company since, as leaders of the digital transformation, we influence our users and the society as a whole. With numerous activities in the public, and especially in the academic community, we promote women in STEM and encourage the interest of women in the STEM professions.”

Vjekoslav Golubović, HR Planning & Total Workforce Management Director at Hrvatski Telekom

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