TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2020

TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2020

15. October 2020.

We have published the list of TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2020. This is a list of organizations that have achieved the highest marks in the past year when certifying their HR processes within the Certificate Employer Partner project. INA is in the first place of the list, Atlantic Grupa, Erste banka and Zagrebačka pivovara share the second place, and JGL concludes the list.

In 2005, SELECTIO launched the Certificate Employer Partner project with the mission of promoting excellence in human resource management. The project itself includes analysis and evaluation of the HR systems of organizations according to world best practices in 5 extensive areas and so far over 120 organizations have participated in the project, while the status of Employer Partner is held only by those organizations that achieve a minimum of 70%  in each assessed area, and 75% points in total.

Since 2008, SELECTIO has been publishing the annual list of TOP 5 Employers of Partners, i.e., the list of those 5 organizations that achieved the highest results of all organizations certified in the past year and thus showed the exceptional development of their HR systems. SELECTIO emphasizes that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, and that in such uncertain and challenging times, quality employee management and care for employees is crucial for the successful operation of companies, which is something the award-winning companies have recognized.

This year's TOP 5 Employer Partners are:

  • INA
  • Atlantic Grupa
  • Erste banka
  • Zagrebačka pivovara
  • JGL

Here is what representatives of the awarded companies highlighted on the occasion of receiving this recognition:

„The biggest strength of our company are the employees, so INA continuously invests in the field of human resource management. We are focused on their well-being, with an emphasis on reconciling their private and business lives, as well as on their motivation which we believe is the key to success. We cooperate with our business units and employees and according to their needs we create solutions that the profession recognizes and rewards from year to year. Through the beneFIT platform, we have provided a range of benefits that contribute to health and well-being. This year, we had to face additional work challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Our flexible forms of work have helped us to adapt quickly to teleworking, and have previously enabled us to attract, hire and retain talent. We also have a tradition of internal sharing of knowledge and experience among colleagues and associates. Through our INA Academy, an internal platform for knowledge transfer, we systematically approach the exchange of knowledge from various fields, and we did not give up on that even in the pandemic, but we transferred it to virtual channels. We are pleased to be recognized as a leading employer and we are honored to be in the TOP 5 Employer Partners. We will continue to develop the area of ​​human resource management because we want a positive and motivating work environment for our employees."

Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Director of Human Resources at INA


„Every year, without hesitation, we review the procedures, programs and initiatives that we implement as a team for People and Culture with the desire to gain a thorough and independent insight into their quality. This is the second time in a row that we have achieved an overall excellence rating of 99% in all markets in which we operate, which puts us at the very top of Partner Employers in the region. We believe that openness to different perspectives and opinions is a key component of success in achieving excellence in the Atlantic, and we congratulate all companies that are equally successful in raising the bar in the quality of care for people, values ​​and culture..“

Mojca Domiter, People and Culture Executive Director in Atlantic Group


„Although this certificate refers to last year, so many things and changes happened during 2020 that it is impossible not to mention them. The speed and strength of adaptation to new circumstances that our employees have shown during 2020 is something that makes us truly proud, and our job is to make that adjustment easier for them. During 2019, we worked intensively on the digitalization of some processes as well as on new competencies needed for the future, and this proved to be good preparation for everything that awaited us in 2020. A new era is ahead of us and we believe we can be its creators. That is why we launched the #radimpametno platform, which deals with new ways of working in all important segments.“

Maja Crnjak, Head of Human Resources at Erste banka


„The Employer Partner certificate is an extremely important recognition for us at Zagrebačka pivovara because it confirms the quality of our work when it comes to caring for employees. This year, due to the pandemic of coronavirus and lockdown and the earthquake in Zagreb, was especially difficult and demanding. But we adapted quickly and ensured maximum employee health protection and safe working conditions. We made psychologists, nutritionists and fitness experts available to our colleagues, we also provided the possibility of using company cars instead of public transport, and for example we organized meals in production with the aim of reducing the risk of spreading the infection. Such a quick adjustment would of course not be possible without a continuous strategic approach to HR practices within our company. And that is exactly the reason why we have been recognized for years as a top company that takes care of its employees. It is interesting to point out that this year has been marked by new corporate values, among which is the value People are always in the first place. That is really true. We take care of our colleagues, we take care of each other, and this is especially felt in these new circumstances. In order to continue to be with each other and in remote work, we have further strengthened the intensity of internal communication, and as part of our internal program of awards and recognitions for this extraordinary year, as a small token of attention, we gave colleagues personalized crates. They are just a small symbol of gratitude to our colleagues who again showed that they are the best when it is hardest.“

Jadranka Sakoman, HR Director at Zagrebačka pivovara


„At JGL, in the situation of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we quickly adjusted and harmonized our plans and the entire business with the new situation. We consider it a great success that, despite the volatile times, we have continued to hire and invest in employees - we have kept salaries, continued with rewards and increased benefits for employees. At a time when many companies have unfortunately been forced to close jobs and freeze business, at JGL we have taken every precaution to support continued growth and let employees know how important they are to us. Throughout the year, intensive work was done on development plans, as well as improving the competencies of existing staff (JGL Competency Framework), certification of the first generation of mentors working on knowledge sharing with new and existing employees (JGL Mentor), and launched a number of innovative business models digital communications with the desire that every employee feels safe, informed and can give their best in the given circumstances, while remaining healthy and protected. During 2019 and 2020, we improved our work on platforms that enable advanced human resource management (SAP SuccessFactors), as well as recruitment (Recruitment - Talentlyft), with the aim of supporting the top strategic directions of the company, as well as new investments in technology, production and development capacities within the new investment project Integra 2020. One of the priorities that guides JGL in business is the policy of diversity and equal opportunities, which is provided and encouraged in various areas, including employment, working conditions and career advancement. Also, the satisfaction and team spirit of the employees are important to us, so we carry out various activities for employees and their families, provide additional health insurance, systematic examinations and subsidized sports activities. All this affects the quality and ability to reconcile the private and business lives of our people.“

Mislav Vučić, CEO at JGL

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