Excellence During Challenges recognition awarded to MojPosao

Excellence During Challenges recognition awarded to MojPosao

08. June 2021.

MojPosao was awarded the Excellence During Challenges award. This is an award we give to companies that have adapted quickly and shown quality attitude towards employees in this period of the coronavirus pandemic.

MojPosao emphasizes that since the beginning of the pandemic, they have focused on the timely, continuous and transparent communication with employees and that they are proud that long-term investments in people and healthy business has enabled their employees to be ready and successfully deal with new circumstances. The primary focus of the company in this period was to care for the health of employees, so everyone whose job description allowed it, was able to work from home, and a quick reorganization of wok was done when employees headed back to work from the offices, so that they are exposed to as little risk as possible.

"During the most difficult moments, we received confirmation of the importance of continuous investments in people with the aim of creating a healthy and resilient work environment. By listening to the needs of employees, transparent and regular communication at all levels and consistent implementation of defined solutions, we achieved better results in measuring the level of commitment and team spirit among employees than was the case before the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to making us extremely proud, it also proves to us how capable we are of facing the possible arrival of new crises and challenges. Although we sometimes ‘tapped in the dark’ and made wrong decisions, we were willing to admit mistakes and choose new solutions that better suited our needs. We are grateful to SELECTIO Group for recognizing us as a company that promotes good HR practices in challenging times,” said Vanda Lugarov, Head of HR & Finance.

During the pandemic, MojPosao organized numerous internal virtual events and gatherings and launched several programs to recognize employee engagement, and conducted an internal survey of employees' attitudes to further listen to and respond to their needs.

"During the period of strict epidemiological measures that largely prevented or at least limited the previous way of working, we introduced numerous online activities in order to preserve the interconnectedness of employees. For example, we organized a virtual coffee room where we hung out over a cup of 'socially distant coffee', recounting incidents and accidents from our business and private lives. Team building was also done in a digital environment, just like the Christmas party where we laughed to tears thanks to stand up comedian Vlatko Štampar. We also held several internal competitions, such as the selection of Best Moustache and Best Beard of the MojPosao portal - a competition held during last year's Movember. The project "MojPosao school" continued, which includes the purchase of school equipment at the beginning of each school year, and during the Christmas holidays some employees tried on the role of Santa Claus and responded to letters containing the Christmas wishes of their colleagues' children.Despite the fact that the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is not commonplace, so it brought with it challenges and obstacles that we have never encountered before, we believe that we acted responsibly and in a timely manner, primarily taking care of the safety and health of our employees. When the lockdown occurred, in just a few days, we established work from home for all our employees. At one time we all worked remotely, and during the summer months, when the situation was much more favorable, our employees could choose whether they wanted to work in the office or from home. Today, a large number of our employees use the so-called ‘hybrid model’, that is, they combine these two forms of work. Employee feedback is very good, and this is significantly contributed by open and honest communication of directors and managers to the rest of the company,“ said Vanda Lugarov, Head of HR & Finance.

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