Mirela Kotarac (CEMEX Hrvatska):

Mirela Kotarac (CEMEX Hrvatska): "Development plans should include all employees"

24. March 2021.

Continuous education and development of employees is an aspect of human resources management that is always in focus to organizations with a developed HR department. We asked Mirela Kotarac, Human Resources Director at CEMEX Hrvatska, to share with us some insights into the key elements they take into consideration when creating a yearly education plan at CEMEX.

What are the key factors that you, as HR, have in mind when creating an annual employee training plan? Is there any type of education that you put a focus on in CEMEX every year?

The training plan, or development plan, must include all employees, which does not mean that in one year all employees must go through a training, but HR and managers must talk about each individual employee.

The plan brings together the results of our other processes: performance appraisals, talent assessments, succession planning, 360-degree questionnaires and other questionnaires we conduct throughout the year, and reports on education needs arising from individual interviews held while goal setting. Thus, the development plan addresses deficiencies in skills, competencies, or behaviors. Through these two steps we look at individual needs.

On the other hand, individual needs need to intersect with company priorities and the desired direction of development of employees needed by the business. The planning process itself is relatively simple if all the other processes from which you draw data on needs are established and regular. However, a great challenge is good communication and cooperation between the leader and team members. Here information can get stuck in both directions, so we do not always manage to cover individual needs for everyone.

An additional challenge, especially during a pandemic, is to successfully implement all education and projects from the plan. Therefore, we have to transfer some parts of the plan from one year to another. We are still challenged by project teams and temporary rotations and / or job shadowing programs that are very useful, but challenging in terms of organizing all participants in the midst of daily business commitments.

CEMEX's first priority is to preserve the health and safety of employees, so training in occupational safety is always emphasized through various forms of education: from continuous short training of drivers and subcontractors, through H&S academy, H&S mentoring program to regular internal communication on various topics on preserving the health of employees and their families.

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