Crnogorski Telekom the first telecommunications company in Montenegro to receive the Excellence During Challenges recognition

Crnogorski Telekom the first telecommunications company in Montenegro to receive the Excellence During Challenges recognition

11. February 2021.

Since April last year, SELECTIO has been awarding the Excellence During Challenges recognition to those companies that demonstrate a high level of care for their employees during the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of the recognition, while emphasizing the importance of quality employee management, is to encourage the sharing of good practices initiated by many companies during this pandemic period.

At the beginning of this month, Crnogorski Telekom joined the holders of this award, as the first telecommunications company from Montenegro with this award.

In order for a company to receive this recognition, it must go through an independent evaluation of its employee management practices, assessing the company's agility and adaptability, organization of work in times of crisis, communication with employees, initiatives launched to ensure employee health and well-being, and technological readiness of the company for new ways of working.

What made Crnogorski Telekom stand out during the pandemic was the efficient and timely management of the crisis, with an emphasis on ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees. The company also focused on quality crisis communication and maintaining a sense of connection among employees. Employee benefits were maintained during the crisis period and all employees were additionally rewarded for their commitment to quality work in these challenging circumstances.

“Telekom, as the largest operator in Montenegro, in the period of the pandemic, despite its size and number of employees, showed an enviable level of readiness for transformation, both in technological and organizational terms. In addition to organizing working for home for most colleagues in a record short time (including the example of the Call Center, which we moved from our premises for the first time in Telekom's history), we also continued to develop and implement digital solutions to improve our business processes and offer the same solutions to partners. The health of our employees was our main focus, which we showed through the timely provision of the necessary protective equipment even before the introduction of official measures. And that the health of our colleagues remains our priority, we have confirmed through many other activities undertaken such as introducing a model of working from home, providing fast tests and pulse oximeters for our employees, constant communication with colleagues in isolation and their families.

Employee care was not affected by economic pressure during the pandemic, so throughout 2020, despite the pressure on revenues due to the economic crisis, we focused on preserving jobs and benefits for employees. Also, in Telekom we have undergone various organizational changes in the previous period in order to prepare for a different, more agile way of working, taking special care of leadership during the crisis and finding ways to further motivate employees in new circumstances and get involved in processes, and get an adequate response for the work done. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our employees, we have qualified for this recognition, which is a confirmation that we are able to transform quickly and thus remain a reliable partner to customers and the local community," said Dina Cibulskaja, CEO of Crnogorski Telekom.

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