A1 confirms Employer Partner status again
Photo: Toni Lugarov

A1 confirms Employer Partner status again

16. July 2020.

Last week, the Employer Partner certificate was presented to A1 Hrvatska at an award ceremony held at the premises of the awarded company. A1 has been a part of the Certificate Employer Partner project since 2006, which speaks of the commitment with which A1 has been approaching ensuring the satisfaction of their employees for years.

A1 has been implementing numerous initiatives and practices aimed at ensuring the balance of private and business life of employees for years, so the program Flexerica has been available to employees for a long time, offering flexible working hours and workplaces, and has now been expanded to enable work outside the office two days a week. Recently, the Flexi baby program was introduced, which allows parents to work six hours a day for the first three months after returning to work after maternity leave, receiving the full amount of salary during that time. A1 is one of the few companies in Croatia that has a kindergarten on its campus, and for each employee’s child birth, they give the employee 10,000 HRK netto as a sign of welcome. As part of the Flying Nanny A1 program, they also provide parents with babysitting for children who can attend a ski school or digital academy during the school holidays. In addition to the gym, pool or sauna available to them on campus, the employees can also relax at a number of internal events and gatherings that A1 regularly organizes for them and their families, such as meetups with inspirational speakers, PUB quizzes, F..k up afternoons or Kid´s Day.

This year, the certification team highlighted that A1 has a quality new performance and development management system, whose main characteristics are agility and flexibility, which is extremely important in changing circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the new system ensures that development goals and plans are linked to the company's strategic priorities and encourages employees to take responsibility for their performance and development. In addition to bonuses, they have introduced extra mile rewards for special effort and contribution, and special rewards for those whose behaviour strengthens and promotes A1 corporate culture. The company continuously invests in the development of its employees, so last year more than 85 percent of them participated in additional forms of trainings, in addition to the mandatory ones, with a focus on learning new technologies and new ways of working and acquiring skills for the future.

Ivan Skender, General Manager for Business Transformation, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, A1 Hrvatska, accepted the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

What has secured us a place in the company of the most desirable employers in the market all these years is, I believe, precisely our willingness to seek and accept the feedback we receive from employees about what makes them satisfied and motivated in the workplace. Thus, in accordance with our culture, we have developed a stimulating environment for employees, enabling them to work on interesting projects, but also fun at work and cool benefits.“, noted Ivan Skender, General Manager for Business Transformation, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, A1 Hrvatska.

A1 also recently became the first recipient of the Excellence During Challenges recognition given to employers who, during these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, used the world’s best HR practices and launched commendable initiatives to ensure the well-being of their employees. Through the Mind Wellness program, A1 provided employees with a number of benefits and activities aimed at creating a healthy and positive work environment, such as virtual gatherings #StayConnected Talks where they hosted psychologists and mental health experts and an eight-week Mindfulness program for all interested.

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